LivAhead Founder Dr. Varudhini Kankipati

LivAhead Founder Dr. Varudhini Kankipati

LivAhead is a professional online psychological counselling platform founded by Dr. Varudhini Kankipati. She believes strongly in making quality mental health care accessible to a large population, by utilizing technology for online consultation.

Dr. Kankipati feels there is a lack of qualified and professional therapists who are trained to provide proper care as the number of people experiencing mental health issues is on the rise. Inner-connect is an effort to minimize this gap.

Dr. Kankipati is an experienced therapist with extensive knowledge of behavioral health issues & symptoms management through a combination of therapy & medication. She follows a holistic treatment / team approach and has much experience with CBT, Gestalt, REBT, etc. working in conjunction with therapists and psychiatrists. Dr. Kankipati’s treatment philosophy is influenced by her belief in the importance of treating patients through a systems perspective.

Dr. Kankipati received her doctorate from University of Kentucky, USA and her Masters from Montfort College, India. She has over 18 years of professional counselling experience in India, U.S.A and Canada. She has worked with NGOs, corporates, schools/universities, hospitals and individuals conducting workshops and counselling. Dr. Kankipati is co-founder of Inner-Connect, onsite counselling center, in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. She works closely with Inner-connect therapists, to ensure they maintain a high & ethical standard of therapeutic service. She provides supervision and support to the counsellors. She also provides ongoing training & skill development to our therapists.


Doctor of Philosophy, PhD - Family & Human Sciences, University of Kentucky Masters- Family & Marriage Therapy, Mont Fort Bachelors -Sociology, Psychology & Economics, Mount Carmel

Certificates & awards

Over 18 years of professional counselling experience in India, U.S.A and Canada.

We specialise in providing the best quality psychological therapy in the comfort of your home, online via audio and/or video calls.


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