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the Unrecognized Pandemic

Mental Health Issues In India

One in 7 Indians suffers from mental health issues of varying severity

Anxiety and Depression debilitate more than 90 Mn Indians

Other issues incl. schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, idiopathic developmental intellectual disability, conduct disorders and autism

Corporate India is impacted by these issues but is not recognizing the importance of employee wellness programs

What’s the hard return of employee wellness programs - $2.7 for $1 investment (in U.S.) per Harvard Business Review (2010)

Your employee’s emotional wellbeing is very important for an energized, productive organization

Positive attitude towards colleagues, customers, partners

Better Health, leading to higher productivity

Creativity, leading to innovations in technology, processes etc.

Collaborative work environment, easier conflict resolution

Higher attention levels, leading to fewer errors

Employee retention

Counselling therapy can help your employee’s overall health, attitude and productivity

The LivAhead counselling process is extremely simple to use

The employee sends an email to LivAhead from their official email account. LivAhead validates the employee independently.

Employee receives a unique code to book session with counsellor (no payment required). Limit can be set for number of sessions permitted per employee.

Employee does call, video session with counsellor at designated time. Complete confidentiality maintained. 3rd party audit possible for reconciliation.

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