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Acknowledge it. Explore it. Manage it. Commonly described as having both mental and physical aspects, anxiety is the automatic survival mechanism used by our brains when faced with actual or imagined stressors / threats. The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as,

Its features, impact, and the way forward? “Bullying”, “harassment”, “abuse”, “violence”, “torture”…while the technical/ legal definitions of these terms vary, the common link between them is a real/ perceived imbalance of power wherein an individual or

How can we help? Caregivers provide varying degrees of physical, emotional, and practical assistance for the health, welfare, and protection of those who are not in a position to look after themselves well enough. Recipients of their services include but are not limited to childr

We specialise in providing the best quality psychological therapy in the comfort of your home, online via audio and/or video calls.


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