1. What is Inner-connect? +

Inner-Connect is a professional counseling service provider. Our therapists are qualified and specialise in offering the best quality psychological therapy in our Jubilee Hills Centre or online (via audio and/or video calls).

2. How long does it take for therapy to be effective? +

The time required for therapy to be effective varies based on individual needs, resources, and goals. It requires as much commitment from the client as the therapist.
Some of you may begin to experience the benefits of psychological therapy within the first couple of sessions while for others this may happen over a longer timeframe.

3. Are Inner-connect therapists qualified? +

Our therapists are screened and selected after a careful examination of their qualifications, experience and skills.
Every therapist associated with Inner-connect holds a master’s degree at a minimum and specializes in counseling psychology. They undergo regular training programmes and supervision to ensure that you receive the best quality of care.

4. How much does the service cost? +

5. Do I need a special computer or Smartphone for the online session? +

Any phone including a featurephone or fixed telephone line is sufficient for a phone call with the therapist. A WhatsApp video call can be done with a regular Smartphone. A normal laptop can be used for video call session as well, assuming broadband connectivity is available.

6. Is the information I share kept confidential? +

The information shared with Inner-connect is kept strictly confidential inline with our privacy policy which will be explained in your first session, including limitations of the policy as applicable by law.

7. Will my sessions with the therapist be recorded? +

No, the sessions will not be recorded.

8. Will I be able to get the same therapist whom I spoke with in the earlier session? +

Yes, the customer has the choice of choosing a therapist for every session. It is possible to choose the same therapist that has attended to a customer earlier.

We specialise in providing the best quality psychological therapy in the comfort of your home, online via audio and/or video calls.


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